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WIDE APPLICATION: Widely used in various area, such as 3D printer,stage lighting,laser engraving; textile machinery,medical equipment,automation equipment, and etc.

HIGH TORQUE: Adopting high quality motor steel8 material, low self-inductance reactance, responsive and can avoid system error.Low loss stators have better high speed performance.

LOW NOISE: The internal rotor of our anet anet a8 stepper motor kit is made with introduced German craftsmanship and there is rotor rubber covering the rotor, effectively reduce the noise.

Stepper motor, called linear stepper motor. It is a rotation generated by the magnetic rotor core interacting with a pulsed electromagnetic field generated by a stator, and the motor internally converts the rotational motion into a linear motion. The linear stepping motor can directly perform linear motion or linear reciprocating motion. If a rotary electric machine is used as a power source and is converted into a linear motion, it is necessary to use a gear, a cam structure, and a belt or a wire.

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