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Timing Belt

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2GT System is an extension of the HTD system with greater load carrying capacity.

20 Teeth contact with the belt, that minimizes the chance of the belt slipping.

This timing belt kit is is designed specifically for linear movement and precision, high positioning accuracy. 

The timing belt is made of high-quality rubber material, has accurate transmission ratio, no slip, can obtain constant speed ratio, stable transmission, accurate positioning, vibration absorption, low noise, large transmission ratio range, generally up to 1:10 Allowable speeds up to 50M/s and drive power from a few watts to several kilowatts. The transmission efficiency is high, generally up to 98%, compact structure, suitable for multi-axis transmission, no lubrication, no pollution, so it can work normally in places where pollution and working environment are not allowed.
This product is widely used in textile, machine tools, tobacco, communication cables, light industry, chemical industry. Metallurgy, instrumentation, food, mining, petroleum, automotive and other industries of various types of mechanical transmission.

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